Jack Sewitch’s Poems vol.2


1.    Dignity

The dignity of man

Is in his hands

Be they cuffed

Or under bands

He loses all,

Personal and lands

2.    Check

The paddy wagon is full of wrecks

Of those caught

In simple checks

The many laws

Entangling mass,

Society, alack alas.



Slave to work

Slave to habit

Everyone a slave

Or has had it

Free to live

Free to love

Everyone is free

Be you a dove


    A World

Walking hand in hand

The young couple 

Did look grand, 

Behind a stately Dame

Smiled and secretly

Thought the same,

Many on their way

Engrossed in what

I could not say

 Leads me to surmise

Each is in a world

No matter the size.


5.    Amazing how the warped mind works

    Logic and unreason in spasms and jerks

    A logical picture with illogical end

    The path is straight up to the bend

    No one can tell unless one conforms

    Amazing are those who have no norms.


A word here a word there

Put together will go where

Nobody knows

A thought here, an emotion there

Felt here or anywhere

Everybody knows.


The brain is a chest

Of many drawers

That fill with the 

Years of many doors

That open and close

On many tours.


Stop, stand still, look and see

If you want to know what will be

The stage is set and things do move

The stories begun, the lot to behoove.


The mainstream of life

A merry-go-round

Of music, noises and

Horses up and down.

A brass ring to be seized

For another ride

Some succeed, others

Fall off the side.

The music ceases

The ride at end

What happens to those

Who must descend?


A hole in the ground

For a discarded leaf

Which graced the limb

Of a growing tree.

Dried and brown

As used things are

Floating to ground

Slowly down

No prayer or requiem

The passing to mourn

A word or thought

Would be kind

For something so forlorn.


Integration is one big joke

White and black are different folk

“A man’s a man for a that”

Does the poet know where he’s at?

The hate of white likens hate of black

Love is skin deep, snakes in a sack

The many differences to overcome

A problem unsolved by anyone.


“What, again”

The young to the old

Communicating is war

Whatever is sold

The young resist

No matter the pitch

And “what again”

Puts the old in a ditch.


As each of us travels on his path

In a rut of mud or winds of wrath

Moving, ever moving no matter where

Planning a course or without care

There must be motion until the day

The dust settles, no more, Ole.


On the seashore, the waves bounce in

The froth and seaweeds are kith and kin

 Occasionally a conch or shell

Stands up like a castle or fairy bell

The sand in ripples like a meadow deep

And the fiddler crabs march like sheep

The busy terns like shepherds run

And eat the stragglers one by one.


The Muggers

People perchance

Look askance

At people passing by.

Suspicions pervade

Eyes evade

People passing by.

No one at ease

People cease

To trust

People passing by.


Sorry to say

A man went away

Was missed just a little

A simple mind

A wit unkind

Mouthing a lot of spittle

It is so sad

But not all bad

He never did learn to whittle


Reading may be heavy or light

Thoughts simple or out of sight

How do we know if we do not read

To live and learn one must seed.


The truths that are spoke

Oft strange emotions evoke

And rules of order do not abide

As the minds comprehend

Many a truth does bend

How then can one decide.

19. *

The other day my ego took a blow

Till now I conceded that I was young so

When someone out of the blue said

“Hey Pop” I stopped and thought, “I’m dead.”

I was over the line, my youth left behind.

Considering all things in my mind

That’s not bad for one 69’d.


A little squirrel scampered up a tree

He was hunting nuts, you see, you see

The limbs were bare, the nuts no more

The little squirrel was sore was sore

So back he came down to the ground

And furiously dug around, around

And pretty soon he found a nut

So ends the story without a but, but, but. 


The steps on a staircase go up or down

Sometimes nowhere.



When things were simple 

In the long ago

On a fishing trip or

A hike to go

The long leisure hours

I remember so well

Uncomplicated feelings

No problems to tell

and now again I’ve

recaptured that scene

I’ve walked many miles

And again I’m serene.


Apples, plums and pears

Grow on different trees

But only dogs that scratch

Are surely full of fleas

Healthy lakes have plenty of fish

Also rivers and streams

But contented cows that chew their cud

Give farmers lotsa creams

So cleaning a house is a job

Because there is much dirt.

So if you disturb a hornet’s nest

Run like H if you don’t want to get hurt.


When the acrobat is up there        Roz

On the trapeze

I’m sitting in my rocking chair

In comfort and ease

The acrobat spins and whirls

Thru the air

I’m watching him closely

From my easy chair

The acrobat then takes his 

Bows from the crowd

And I’m in my easy chair

Snoring out loud. 


Love is like a flower

That from bud to blossom grows

When pressed between  a book’s dry leaves

Soon memory from it flows.

As one  matures from young to old

The winds of fate decree

That love evolves into a bloom

Securing wedded bliss  for eternity.  j.s./a.l.


Walk the halls

Climb the walls

Mop the floor

Bar the door

Vacant stare 

Going no where

Mindless body

Wornout tool

Old machine

Little fuel




Then curtain.


Why the pessimistic mood

Smile, why be rude

Worry lines on the face

Are old tattered lace

Turn them up and about

Soon there will be no doubt

Sad thoughts will away

Smiling out will inward stray.



Don’t visit me

Where I’ll be

Don’t you see

I’m not a tree

Whatever was 

Isn’t anymore

A breath of air

A wave on shore

Life is a state

All else inanimate.


I am a clown

Sometimes I smile

And then I frown

Once in a while

I fall down

The kiddies laugh

I bring them joy

Grownups are half

Man half boy

I flap doodle

Around the ring

Chasing butterflies

Or any old thing

At the end

If end there be 

A clown is a clown

Whatever  you see.


    Read, read, read

        Running a race

    Think, think, think

        Problems we face

    Do, do, do

        Each mistake erase

    Rest, rest, rest

        Arsenic and old lace.



    Two doves above


    The arrows of Jove


    A zephyr, a breeze


    Hands under trees


    Waves lapping the shore


    The stars, the moon...more?


A little curl

Give it a whirl

It becomes a thing

Little personality

Give it fragility

It takes wing

Little imagination

Gives it animation.


On the go to far away

Why there, who can say

One must go that is so

Hurry, hurry why so slow

Don’t move, the mind is there

That place is anywhere.


The chair is where

    The mind is fleet

You sit and knit

    Rock to and fro

Scan the land

    And know it’s so.


What is left at the end of the trail

When the body is gone

The soul in pale

The adornments and others

That colored the scene

Gone or dispersed

The slate wiped clean

Is that all there is

When one does leave

I rather think not

Because I believe.


The velvety cheek

Once filled with bloom

Fading and wrinkled

All too soon

The mind retains

The spirit of youth

And June to December

Is not uncouth

If one does but recall

Sweet memories of yore

The future holds a

Replenishing Store.


The way things used to be 

The simple pleasures that were for me

A fishing pole from a boat

A line of bait, a little float

Watching, feeling it bob around

Suddenly sink without a sound

The reward, a flapping fish

And thoughts of a dinner dish.

And many more simple things

The happy thoughts that memory brings.


Shed a few tears for the sorrows of life

Then pick up the threads, go on your way

Movement is life, only for the living

All else is gone they had their say.

You may now and then look back at the past

And reminisce what might have been

The memory  now is without pain

And the present is the only scene.


Bars do not a prison make

Nor four walls a home

From life the things we take

May be hairs on a worn out comb.

The many plans we tried to make

To fashion and to secure

Are blown by the winds of fate

And that we know for sure

Are scrambled and in a state

Like muddied waters, never pure.


The days go so fast    

    The years fly by and at last

There seems to be a pause

    Reflections on what did happen

Is second guessing like a rapine

    Any reason or just because

Childhood and youth the simple phase

    Adulthood a stygian maze

And books explain if they can

    What is life or maybe living

Some taking, some giving

The question is: What role man?


I have a jungle outside my door

Created by me, it was barren before

The insects and bugs now have a home

And many a salamander there does roam

There life is learned in nature’s way

I feel like a god I had something to say.


A poem  is but a thought

 Of what we were, are or may be. 

Of such the soul is made

As others do us see

So write ye truly of deeds

Done, the now or yet to do

And mark this world with

Your worth be it false or true.


A ring

Is just a thing

A circlet on a finger

A ring

Meaning anything

Has memories that linger.


How many in this vale of tears

Bemoan fate and their fears.

Self reproach has sped their years away.

But there are those in self repose

Who care for those astray.


I am tired

I try to sleep

I nod now and then

For a moment

I do relax

Another thought I pen

And so it is

As time passes.  js/al



As one walks the glory row

To Elysian fields or down below

They’re not alone for many go.

They shed material and earthly woe

And don their wraith with a halo.

47.*  Choices

I came to a fork in the road

Right or left to what abode

A chance step along the way

What would be, who can say.

So toss a coin, let it fall

As good a way as any at all.


My house was big and very full

I enjoy each moment nothing dull

My house now short has lost its thrill

The walls have shrunk the sounds are still

The house, the home that once was mine

Is now in shadow, will the sun ever shine?


A pond is full of life and matter

Minute worlds that churn and spatter

Never ceasing, eternal motions

That is living in life’s commotion.


Times do change and so do I

What once I was is now a lie

‘Tis now past and long ago

In one’s memory I was so

No more dreams, they are but fluff

To grasp the now is good enough.


Scientists have figured 

What life is all about

Logic, facts and conjecture

Induction, deduction insure

Theories without doubt.

The world once flat

Three small boats changed that.

The planets were just fantasy

The moon, a first and we did see

So who can guess what may be true

When dreams become substance, Hallelujah!


To reminisce is well and good

Best of all it’s understood

The present is where we fare

I make sure I don’t look back

I’m here, now no alas alack

I wake each morn with no care

Time I have is so much more

So something, nothing, who keeps score

No push, no shove, no one dare

My ego floats as a free soul

Pieces are together, I’m whole

I’m here, now going who knows where


I met a few friends 

The other night

‘Twas a long time

Between visits

No need excuses

Everything right

Time is nonexistent

To real friendships.


If I can go back

Twenty years or more

And apologize for

The things that 

I did foolish

It was youth

And really for sooth

I was a bit mulish

You struck a

Tender nerve

With the verse

You did serve

And made like

A poet

So forgive

This rhyme

And soon in time

I’ll personally

Let you know it.


The snow birds come and stay around

The green green grass that does abound

Miss the snow, the sleet and rain

The sad sad clouds that do abound

They always wander up and down

It really bugs me that merry go round.


I looked forward to the end of the week

The day of rest that we all seek

Retirement did finally arrive

Every day is Sunday as we stay alive.


A weed is just another name

Of a plant of mystery and no fame

No honor given to the weed

Destroyed in growth and in seed

‘Till the day we find a use

The weed will suffer much abuse.


The human body a complex being

The human mind that is all seeing

The human soul combines it all

The human creation is frustration.


I am at peace, my desire

I want no more than I require

That is so little and I am sad

That others deny that I be glad.


The written word where ever heard

Is more powerful than the sword

The right to read is the veritable seed

That binds people in accord

Then brute force in due course

Must yield to the commandments

Of the Lord.


The ghosts peer back into the past

Where once was light that didn’t last.


The things that I have said and done

Come naturally to anyone

Who cares.

No matter the effort or the cost

What has one really lost

If one cares.

So to conclude on a maudlin theme

What did happen is not a dream

I cares.


A long time ago

We kids did go

On trips and hikes

As all kids do

We’d hang around the

Corner drug store

Running calls

For three cents or more

When we had the Subway fare

We’s make plans to go anywhere

That was the year

We knew each other

Now 57 years later

We met...Oh Brother.


Cliches are written by the score

To fit any situation and more

How many have conformed to this

And lost a life that could be bliss.


Peace of mind

Is what you find

In a house well ordered

The web of day

The flies that stray

Seems the house disordered

The constant broom

Sweeps away the doom

Makes the mind and house concorded.


The things to be done

Go on and on

And never cease

Tho we may be gone.

Is there no rest

For the weary soul

Is his reward

Some dirt in a hole?

I say no!

When work is done

You’ve paid your dues

To Hell with everyone!


When sex rears its head

Reason is suborned and subordinated

A moral code is the backbone of society

There is no lasting marriage

If it excludes compromise and compassion.


There is no beginning, there is no end

We are, we are not, a mind boggling trend

We do, we do not, are we stone, do we bend

To accept this nothingness we must sanity rend.



After the years

Comes the sense

That shows that youth

Is wanting

Reflection and memory

Lack the insults

And taunting

As baby is to youth

So youth to age

Three stages

Of molting

The circle completed

All merge into one

And the end the beginning.


    De Moon

De mon in de moon

Once a thought

By golly de moon

A mon it has got

He fly  all de way

In just tree day.

And now we can

Teach all de kids

De moon is de place

Dey can blow der lids.


    Moon walk  by Elsie Sewitch

How proud we are of our

Men on the moon

America hold your

Head up high

Our astronauts

Are probing the “Lune”

To war we can

Say good-bye

Armstrong, Aldrin

And Collins too

We take off

Our hats to you.


    To Be...

I was

Then I was not

I worked

I kept house

To neighbors

I was a mouse

Quiet, friendly

Compassionate of ear

No ripples

Did I create

My routine

Just a parent state

Fulfillment had

As years passed by 

Earned rest

Then no reason why

I was

Then I was not.



What is love

But nature’s thing

The body’s alive

The spirits sing

Ecstasy in mind and soul

And parts of you

Equal the whole

Revel in joy


Love is nature

Not blaspheme.


    Mini Plus

Mini skirts and hippies pass

The poorly endowed,  alas, alas

The eye catches all oddities

No peas or forest trees

Old, young, halt or lame

Different, well, but the same.


A little lass

Three feet small

Toting a bag

Half as tall

Impish little smile

On a youngish old face

Lips chattering quickly

Like gray hair and old lace

Amazing this child of now

As time projects, projections

Will show.


The gargoyle looked 

With eyes so bright

At a world very old

And very uptight

At a world once

Young, full of cheer

At a world once

No gargoyle did fear

The green gone

Just brown and gray

The gargoyle still stares

Come what may.


A man lay dying

A woman crying

People going to work

A man has left

A woman bereft

And people go to work

A man disposed

A case closed 

A woman went to work.


Nothing is free

No matter what

There’s always

A price for what

You’ve got

There’s only one 

Way to evade your

Dues, don’t listen

To one who

Sings the blues.


Because my name

Has no acclaim

My work is unknown

So to repeat

My thoughts escheat

To seeds yet unsown

And years hence

‘Twill all make sense

When Gabriel’s horn

Is blown.



“Don’t get lost honey, 

Follow me,”

Said to a child

Of two or three

Two small hands

With a doll of choice

A pale wan face

Looking up to the voice

A love projected

To a tiny tot

Surrounding and loving

However begot.


    Pink Pants

Shocking pink pants

Walking by

Looks good on a girl

On a fella why?

Tight pink pants

Really showing all

On a girl looks good

But on a fella, a ball?


You’re a big man

Said a youngster

To an elder

Thinking can I?

I can?

Eye to eye

Words repeat

The subject

In mind

Who is beat?

The question

Never to be 


The generation

Gap is always



    Thee and Me

I am me

Don’t you see

I’ve a mind

I’m a body

I’ve a soul

Look at me

I am whole

I am, you are

Created from afar

I belong as anyone

A part of you 

In the sun

Harm me not

Or lose yourself

I am you

And you are me

Split not thyself

Or thine own enemy be.


Grateful people like to show

Their appreciation so

They give a token or a gift

For them it is a lift

Whoever be they try to appease

That pain they have may decrease

‘Tis human to have some joy

The ways are many that we employ.


When you cross the boundary

And are on the other side

Are you in a quandary

Did you seek to hide


Another scene

A different view

The cross over 

All is new.


    ‘Tis so

A woman shall lead them

As women do

Behind the scenes

And never in view

The clenched fist

The head up high

Male triumphant

With battle cry

Truth be known

Alas alack

A sly female

Is not far back.



I sit and wait

And contemplate

A purpose for my being

I move me not 

And think a lot

My future I am seeing

A rocking chair

In sun and air

As time passes by

A fishing rod

Held by a clod

In waves tossing high

A garden plot

That’s a lot

Digging with your hands

A writer be?

If I could see

Writing in the sands

Yet I sit and think

My eyes do blink

What really do I want

The urge to do

Is not in view

Just pity, don’t taunt.


A fur coat

Mink no less

Front pushed up

Of coat and dress

A balloon perhaps

No, just God bless.


I saw a flower

Beautiful and tall

Fade a little

Quiver and then fall

‘Twas not fed

The water of life

Or lilted tunes of violin and fife

The day soon came

Of weed and straw

The ground laid barren

Just dust of the saw.


    A Home

Home is not a cubicle

Or a place to hang your hat

Home, a misused word

I always wonder about that.

The many places where I’ve been

I could never call my home

For each place I stopped

Was beer without the foam

But in my dream I know

There will be a day

When a friendly hand will

Stretch out and take

Me home to stay.


What goals are set

For the coming morrow

Are they rays of sun

Or rains of sorrow

Pledges given and 

Promises made

Do they bring happiness

Or dark waters wade

The earth, sky, infinity

Cry out

Is life a pleasure

Oh, what’s it all about?


Snowflakes, people

And grains of sand

Cover a world

Part of the world

Are parents too

Things you don’t

Think of come

Out of the blue

The child is reared

And bred for free

No thought of future

Or the coming melee.


    Too Busy

When you are busy

Life passes you by

You’ve no time to

Give girls the eye

No time to watch

A passing cloud

Or birds in flight

Or wonder out loud


I’ve gone no place

Yet was everywhere

I know what is so

If the mind is there.


The bloom of youth

Is so fresh

And spirits are

So high

Alas so short

A time

A breath of spring

Then winter’s sigh.


I’ve learned to process time

A minute or more

Doesn’t hurt the score

Takes time to make a rhyme

Waiting and thinking

The mind moves along

Speed of light all in sight

Takes time to write a song.



A beautiful place

A quiet glen

I rested, relaxed

What then

No more hustle or 

Whirring of the wheel

Just sounds of silence

How does one feel

My mind rebelled

From a lifeless life

Is this reward

Away from strife

This I ponder,

Is this for me

No dammit I’ll

Never useless be.


    To Return

Looking back as the shadows loom

The long sun rays pierce the gloom

Looking back I saw the smiles

Of youngish faces and lack of guiles

Looking back to all those places 

My limbs moved not those extra paces.


    Another Ride

Problem how to balance your thing

A see-saw or a long swing

Up or down, to and fro

Or a merry -go-round nowhere to go

Where ever motion takes you tho

The prize you get is a plain brass ring.

101.*    Two Words

I have two words

To appease my mind

I searched eternally

And these did find

Two simple words


A panacea for the fearful

Whom pain makes blind

A staff to grasp and

Wounds to bind

Two simple words


Then the journey is past

Left far behind

Peace does reign and 

The sun is kind because of 

Two simple words.



    Present , Past and...

The pasts are but shadows

That haunt me now and them

Like pain there’s no memory

The present is a bright sequin

The glow of life within me

Looks forward every day

Enjoying now the things I have

And for tomorrow I do pray.



A white robe covers the soul

In a body seemingly whole

Then white continues to surround

And search for what must be found

The answers oft do many please. 

To others questions may increase

Whatever the body does endure

The soul is all and ever secure.



Some lay

Others bleed

I write

Some pay

Others lead

I write

Some nay

Others heed 

I write

Some pray

Others read

I write.


    To Sleep

The lights are out

I’m trying to sleep

The shades are drawn

I’m counting sheep

There’s a guy I hate

He lives next door

He’s sleeping now

In one long snore

My eyes would close

But for that noisy one

Another day I’ll be home

Far from that son-of-a-gun.


    The New

There is no generation gap

It’s just that the young want to yap

Listening to the old with half an ear

Tuning out what they don’t want to hear

There is no space between the two

Just raucous voices saying, 

“I’m here, I’m new!”


Don’t be quick to accuse

Or jump to conclusions

Having a short fuse

Might lead to confusions.


Little girl

Don’t you cry

I’m nearby

Please girl

It’s not bad

Going to school

Why so sad

My sweet girl

A tissue to 

Dry your eyes

It’s not goodbye.


    A New Generation

I saw a colored boy

Urinating on the building

Where I have lived for

Thirty years and more

I’ve seen the markings 

Of urine water on the 

Passageways to my door

My neighbors have also

Complained of such and

Worse under the stairways

Near their abode.

I am sick and disgusted

Of these humans with

Their animal code.

For many years we have

Lived with respect

For our neighbors’ right.

What do we think of

These animals colored 

Or white

I asked the boy,”How 

Would you like it if

Someone did that to you?”

He smiled up at me and 

Simply said, “They do.”


    My Tree

The apple tree 

Is still alive

I wasn’t sure

That it would


Planted in soil

Not so good

A sturdy plant

Despite all stood

And pointed leafy

Arms to  sky

I’m here, I’ll stay

I will not die.

The nesting bugs,

The worms that cut,

The heat, the cold,

All tried but

A little green bud

Raised its head

I’m still around

It quietly said.


Quiet is forevermore

A small town, a village store

Quiet, a graveyard, walks a ghost

Once a bard

Quiet not for city me

Noises constant melee

People, action

I want to see. 

One fear I fear, 

Truly dread

Quiet, for quiet

Is only dead.


“You’ve gotta get married

To make any sense.”

“I’m not ready I’m

Still on the fence.”

Two young men 

Shooting the breeze

While Mother Nature

Continues to tease.


The words of wisdom

Were always here

Nothing has been

Added to its sphere

Each generation

Picks up the rod

Proclaiming aloud

‘Tis IT ‘Tis GOD.


You get to know people

Where ever you go

Stay long enough

Their smiles will show

You smile back and

They’ll answer you

Kindred spirits

That’s all you have to do.


“Why are you standing in a bus stop?”

An important looking man asked.

I looked at him quiescent and said

“Everything’s illegal” (I didn’t say drop dead)

He didn’t speak to the other cars

Their owners were still in bed.


Growing, growing, growing up

The little tykes each like a pup

Playful, gamboling around

The only noise is cheerful sound

Memory holds these times dear

The time of life devoid of fear.


The book is closed

No more to write

Out of mind, out of sight

The pages never more to ope

A book of stone with no scope

A message to those still alive

Bees and honey build a hive.


Children play with dolls and toys

Dolls for girls, toys for boys

Play a game not the same

The pattern set as each beget

Dolls for girls, toys for boys.


God and the Devil

Who knows whence

They came

Good and Evil

Spells almost 

The same

A simple letter

Out of place

Changes not

Man or race.


The little ants that crawl around

Resemble humans  a fact well found

Building, creating as always before

No change, no difference nothing more. 

For humans progress is the goal

A changing creation in every role

So in our thoughts a conclusion thus

Are ants or humans minus or plus.



Walls all around me

No place to go

The walls surround me

The smaller I grow

Once I was free

A roving soul

Open spaces to see

And somewhere my goal

Then the walls closed in

Those walls I dread

And smaller I grew

Then I was dead.


A feeling of compassion

For a fellow man

To give and ask not

Whenever one can

To love, to forgive

Is to understand

Mortals are human

With outstretched hand.


Playing a game

Playing it hard

A good feeling

That’s my reward

Each day another game

My feelings the same

But days not so good

Are days I do brood

The score up or down

No numbers anyway

Play a game, game is play.


Having someone near you

Before you go away

Especially a dear one

There’s so much to say

No need words if

Words need not be said

If they know each other

Thoughts of each  are  read

Farewells, maybe tearful goodbyes

Are honest feelings of heart and eyes.


Nothing is forever

For things grow old

Much like a rose

As its petals unfold

Beautiful and fragrant

A wonder to behold

Then pressed, a memory

For memories are gold.


You’re old

Lay down and die

You’ve nothing

To look forward to

Who’s gonna cry. 

Not so, not so

The breath of life 

Is strong

The mind acknowledges

No end

It says that’s wrong

As long as we are here

Whatever time is ours

We still want to see

A little sun and 

Maybe some flowers.


I never made my peace

Before she went away

We had words of a sort

Then had nothing to say

The years intervened

A relationship was lost

Regrets do not heal

The emptiness it cost.


Why do some think at 68

Time is past

It is too late

As oft it happens

No matter when

The years roll past

And then

The wonders of the

Mind again

Say never, it’s 

Never late

And things are 

Done at 68.


You look at us with sad eyes

Whenever we have to go

Your thoughts are on your face

And telling us it isn’t so

But tho we go we’ll soon be back

No matter the time or season

‘Tis thus with parents and other kin

And really, need there be a reason.


Little genius

Four or three

Reflect Ma, Pa

Or T.V.

Thoughts, ideas

Are precociously

Aping adults

In the family tree

So lost a childhood

A heritage dear

An adult forever

A waste, how drear.


The gray headed seers

That walk around

Hands in pocket

Heads bowed down

These powers

That be for a while

Control destiny

In their style

The game is short

As all things be.

Then new seers 

Take over contrarily.


We do the things 

We have to do

Whatever be our 

Way of life.

Progress and

Happiness is our goal

Despite opposition

In the strife.

Being human

Can be a fault

If we consider others. 

But nature made

Us squares. 

That is how I feel

If I have my druthers.


A NO baby is a psychological treat

Denied something it tries to beat

Any and all and never concedes defeat

The upshot is a spoiled brat

Spoiled rotten no dispute on that

If and when maturing does come

The NO is louder with fist and drum

Everyone suffers such is the scene

If NO prevails life can be mean. 


A girl, a teenager I guessed

Holding a baby closely pressed.

Two tall policemen on either side

Escorting her to a room inside.

An hour or so maybe more

Policemen and girl came out the door

The scene was almost as before

But the baby was gone forevermore.

In its place was a folded paper

Which she clutched, my eyes were vapor

She looked as if no one existed

Will the future wish she had resisted.


I crossed the line today

I felt there was still

Something to say

I looked back at the 

World I left

Something wrong?

Of what was I bereft?

The shackles of 

Everyday drudge

Suddenly gone and 

Fate with a nudge

Put me on an isle 

Of peace,

Am I reborn or

Do I cease.


As everyone knows

There is always a door

People are curious

They must explore

The door from which

The door to where

Open a door

Close a door

One must dare.


Round and around

In a circle we chase

Like a dog, his tail 

Evades his face.

If finally caught

Avails him naught

But a pain in the rear

With fears fraught.


Paint a picture as you see it

Minds concur or disagree it

Music glad or sad about it

Voices raised or mute it

Each an individual, so be it.


Elsie is a pussy cat

Worrying all the times

She has broad shoulders

Full of climbing vines

People who have problems

Seek her sage advice

Leaving her very tired

She says it feels nice

The world beats a path

To this wise fount of love 

Such mothers are special

Created by the ONE above.


“My brother dies that I may live

May I be worthy of the sacrifice.”

The sentiment of a man

Whose world the universe does span.

No petty vice, no small reward

Universally is man his ward

Greatness possesses this one

God is the father of this son.


The truth can be a weapon fierce

Destroy the body, the soul pierce

A lie is soon forgot

The truth lives on a forget me not

Who the judge of truth or lie

Who decides you or I

Who is in the judgment seat

But what is truth , I repeat.


The New Year will soon be here

The past gone with all its fear

A clean page, for what may be

A root, sprout or a tree

Wishes, promises, a new deal

Hugs, kisses, a universal seal.


Just a chair, empty you say

Not true, I’M there.

The impression in the chair

Was made when I was there

And if enough you care

Look hard for that’s where

You’ll see me if you dare

Because that was...

No, that is my CHAIR.


The snow came down

In large white flakes

The wind blew gently

Over frozen lakes

The moon in full

And windows bright

Waited for Santa

This is his night.


Poetry is immortal

Time is of no essence

Going thru the portal

Only poetry has substance.


The day’s at dawn

There are things to do

To sweep away the cobwebs

And windows to renew

The sun climbs the sky

The wind scatters dust

The things to get in order

Are a great big must

And as the eve gets near

The fatigue of the day

Has settled into a headache

Is there any other way?


He sat high on his bench

Dispensing justice

Like the blinded wench

The scales of balance

The book of rote

The procedures solemn

With many a note

And so a trial

That sears the soul

Is democracy at work

Degrading all.


I’m torn between

The fat, the lean

Should I work

Or loaf away

Am I too busy

Or why today

I need an answer

To the question above

So I ponder and ponder

That’s my first love.


Visit me once a year

So lonesome I’ll not be

Resting in the green grass

Beneath a sky blue sea

At peace as the world

Its circle completes 

I ponder forevermore

In the valley of retreats.

150. M.Utrillo*

The picture on the wall

Was a path and that’s all

‘Twas early, perhaps late

No one on the scene, but wait,

Soon the dawn or a street light

Souls would move and shadows bright

An awakening, another day

Just a picture, what does it say?


64 was before

Now I’m 65

It is one more

and I’m alive

Why should I

Worry about that

Should I moan, cry

Or take my hat

And foreign places hie.


Next time, next time,

Procrastination for sure

Get going, get going

What is the allure

Don’t think, don’t think

Just get a going

Once started, once started,

Adrenalin gets flowing.


The ways and means of everyone

Are much alike when all is done

No problem different, tho some say

That theirs are unique another way

No so where ever I look

‘Tis repetition in book by book.


The judge here seems to be

A straight ruler judging thee

By inches, feet, a yardstick true

Never varying and solemn too

The human being is cut and tried

Alas the soul no place to hide.


The mind is where the world lies deep

And many thoughts from it does seep

The whys, the wherefores of creation’s plans

The do’s the don’t of eternal man

From where to whence a never ending quest

The mind, poor mind ends in a jest.


Milk and honey, milk and honey

You can buy the best

If you have money

But what about those

Who have not

Only sympathies from 

Those who have a lot

Sounds so funny

To those who can afford it

So milk and honey...


A plant like an animal true

Comes up from earth

And into view

What does it see

We’ll never know

And just like Topsy

It just did grow.


A seed is life still unborn

A mystery, a cloud still untorn

Eternally floating in a sky of blue

Then dropping like rain when it is due.


The jungle garden has many seeds

Growing together as be their needs

A push, a shove, to reach the light

The jungle law that might is right.

Be that so it seems to me

Each needs the other if they must be

So existence is the general scheme

And co-exist the jungle dream.

160. Sue Beth

God put on earth a child 

Named Sue

A face of wondrous beauty

A lovely Flower child she was

Who could not express a view

One could not penetrate

Her thoughts

Her smile was sweet and good

Please God, in all your wisdom

Make sweet Sue understood.

    Grandma Elsie



She was only a dog

But nobly bred

To give love

And only love

But now she is dead.

Human as human

Can be

She thought she was

One of the family

Chastised and beaten

If she didn’t obey

Maybe more than


One couldn’t say.

She didn’t expect

Any reward

Only gave love to all,

To her master and lord.

But a moment it took

As a child might err

Was fatally struck,

I hope there’s a 

Place for her.


Youth is blurry, wild, obscure

Emotions rule the immature

Full growth reaches and brushes away

The filmy cobwebs on that fatal day

When one can see and self berate

What he might have done but now too late.


To be simple is a state of bliss

Complexities many one can miss

To learn, to know a goal to achieve

When you reach it’s time to leave.


Ice and snow

    Is for those who know

It can freeze

    You to the bone

The heat the sun

    Is for anyone

So eat an ice cream cone

Betwixt and between

To be serene

I got it figured out

There’s nothing that

Can be done

So what’s it all about.


A little girl has gone away

Where she went I could not say

She played with dolls

As little girls do

She hopped, skipped, jumped

And smiled at you

She kicked her heels

As the swing rose high

Her laughter was sweet

As she reached toward the sky

Then the sun went down

And she had to go

We said goodbye but

Where she went I’ll never know.


I’m in the pasture

The grass is green

The sun shines hot

The humidity mean

Is this retirement

A pastoral scene?



The word WHY is an important word

The most important ever heard

It queries the things that abound us

For answers that have not found us

Yet WHY persists and pursues us

‘Till finally something cues us

And seeing it may confuse us

No beginning, no end, WHY is US.


The ghosts of the past

Hover  around

Like butterflies

Aflutter with sound

Gather, then disperse

Nowhere bound.


Force thoughts out of your mind

They’ll come tumbling out

And you’ll find

That they make sense 

Of a peculiar kind.

The memory banks

Have hidden corners

Hid from light of day

Time relieves the mourners

The mind relives  the play.


Now I know there is a generation gap

The young are hasheeshed, no sundae frappe

The language shocks, sexes are twisted

The acme of life is erotically misted

As earthworms sufficient since man existed.

Jack’s poems Vol 2 


Take me here, take me there

The mind jumps about like a nervous hare

I’ve changed my mind, what will I find

From here to there

The other place where I want to go

Has things to do lots to know

As the nerves do twitch from here to there

I don’t know which and I really don’t care.


To move fast

Is not to last

No place to go

Whatever pace

You choose to race

Spread your wings

To do your things.

173. *

The many things I used to do

Some old and some new

Have dwindled down

To just a few.

The zeal and zest

Of long ago

Are now just history

And so

I’m starting anew

Another quest

To pick a path

That suits me best

No thoughts, no plans

Just wandering thru

As the mood strikes me

That’s what I’ll do.


I sit in a wheel chair

I try my best

Not to bother anyone

Not to be a pest.

I don’t pity my fate

Nor mourn the past

I enjoy every moment

How long it may last

I’m glad to be alive

And greet each morn

With thanks and a smile

I’m never forlorn.


Each day passes as the one before

And lonely moments are counted by the score

The day is so long one finds it a bore

That is not like me, I like a long day

Once I was busy and nothing I would say

Could stop time running, no time for play

Now the clock has slowed for a year or a day.

176. *

Man is useful as long as he lives

In the time that only God gives

To stop is to cease to abdicate earth

Man is useful but what is his worth

To ponder this riddle given the time

Man sets, does nothing, his thoughts sublime.


Life is a doodle of lines here and there

the pen moves about creating a sphere

When held up to view is doodle a jumble

But looking close, it’s complicated not humble.


When you learn how to relax

And set your mind at ease

The ultimate is attained

And life does not cease.

A new set of values

Becomes a part of you

That takes a little time

Just believe it, it’s true.


The present now I understand

I am here, this I comprehend

The past, dreams of long ago

To remember my mind says no

The now is I that’s where I be

The now, happiness, for now I see.


Aches and pain have no memory

Aches and pain just come and go

The future holds many scenes

Some move fast others slow

The why to live is no mystery

It’s because you’re here that’s destiny

Who’s to say,  “Sever the thread.”

That life is over before you’re dead.


Traffic is heavy

As people go

Each his own way

‘Tis ever so

Traffic dwindles

When people stop

Each his own way

A skip, jump or hop.


Life is but a fleeting thing

Joy, sorrow time does bring

The body temporal

The soul an external part

Both exist in harmony

Given but a heart.


The mind is a trunk

Dig in it deep

Ideas from it will seep

A storage place

For knowledge acquired

Its depth unfathomed

Where feelings are mired

Stirring up the bottom silt

May release Pandora’s guilt.


The stage is set

The actors perform

The audience watches

Applause is the norm

The story told

People depart

Clouds in the sky

Such is Art.


What is poetry

What is prose

A fine distinction

If one knows

Poetry a song

Prose a sound

The soul is lifted

When songs abound

We can communicate

In both ways

Poetry or prose

Whichever sways.


I had an ache, a pain

And a disappointment or two

The mind clears, the body heals

So what else is new

We struggle to get in

We balk at going out

The in between can be fun

Of this I have no doubt.


From one age to another

The doors close tight

The aged are denied 

What was once their right

‘Tis the way of the 

Indian or Eskimo

The aged depart

In a lonely cave

Or an ice floe.


Sometimes we seek the things we never find

They are all around us, could be we’re blind

‘Tis like a glove that fits a gentle hand

One has but to reach out and say I understand.


The quiet of the green grass

Soothes and heals the mind

‘Tis Mother Nature ‘s medicine

Given to all mankind.


No one is perfect

Perfection is a fault

Fault enhances perfection 

As sugar does salt.

One has all the elements

But the best stand out

This makes it bearable

Well, what is life all about?

    “A puzzlement for sure”.


The path wends to infinity

In the space of our time

Too quick, too soon

With or without rhyme

Like a song, notes in the air

Fading, fading to anywhere

Each moment an eternity

But we were there.


Conformity is an enormity

Foisted on the human race

A control with folderol

Subtle as the nose on a face

As ants on the march

Humans follow blind

‘Till revelations reveal

The truths of the mind.


My thoughts are forever

Tho I go away

My thoughts are eternal

Tho my body go astray

Ashes to ashes

Dust to dust

In immortality

Thoughts are a trust.


A laugh is a happy sound

Makes one feel good

Wherever found

Sorrows, tears

Are other’s sounds

These are tempered

Where laughter surrounds

We partake of life’s brew

Bitter or sweet

Laugh heals, laugh soothes

Laugh makes life a treat.


Imagination makes us strive

To where the grass is greener

The mountains higher or

Just because it’s there.


I reached into my memory

And saw a bit of the past

Of three little boys

Of friendships that would last

The time was short and did abort

As time went on its way

Many decades did elapse

‘Till I saw one again today

One had gone as all things go

And one did remain

Changes did take place

But memory I can retain.


Those who give of themselves

Are worthy of highest praise

But they are just a moment

In the growth of the universe

The one who really forms us all

Is a selfish one who stands tall

He leads a cause whether right or wrong

And thus lives forever in hate, 

Glory or a song.


The seer speaks

What makes him so

Things that were done

Repetition you know

But maybe forgot

Could be a tempest

In a little teapot.


I’m in my chair

I impress it deep

My comfort increases 

My cup I’ll keep

The hustle, bustle

Is for those who think

That life is movement

Or else you shrink

I beg to differ

And offer no excuse

Call me simple, not obtuse.


Each work a nugget

Each thought a pearl

So nuggets and pearls

Keep pouring out

As my eyes are open

And so is my mouth.


Two atoms, one met another

Asked one, are you a sister

Or a brother

Replied the other , I am you

And you are me

Alike all of us

As you can see

As atoms we are just passing by

What’s one atom more or less

Are you a spy?


The world is flat

Some say round

Some people are square

Or flighty bound

Flip a coin

Take a chance

Spin a wheel

It’s your dance.


You are what you are and that’s no sin

Who blows the bigger balloon

Doesn’t really win.

Each has a place however begot

‘Tis mostly the toss of dice

That is your lot

And happiness is given to him

Whose eyes brighten and life is not dim.


People write books on what they think

People ought to be

How children grow up and become a person

Despite adversity.

Case upon case becomes a rule oft quoted

and judged as veracity.


A dream may be ended

Because of lack of time

But the mind is agile

So you got a lemon

Not a lime

If you fall and

Can bounce up again

You got it licked

That’s the name of the game.


A diamond ring

Is not just anything

‘Tis a token of affection

It’s cold as ice

But still very nice

It warms a misdirection

A diamond’s a thing

That makes two sing

And could start a collection.


Hurt people, hurt people

Don’t let it happen again

Once before the rosy scene

Was a green plain

But the storms and drought

Make it a barren vale.

Time does heal and soon

Again Nature does prevail.


I sit and watch ‘tis my pleasure

To observe people passing by

Each one a story in a small measure

I try to fathom the reasons why

No two alike ‘tis like finding a treasure

Or seeing stars in the sky.


If I could but just turn back the clock

The prayer of many a one

If I could but just  have another day

It might happen to anyone

Prayers may be granted

For hope never dies

‘Till life is over and done.


A thought was put into my head

It might have been good, but instead

Its purpose was to move a mindless head.


If you have the skill

Do you have the will

To profit from your work

‘Tis no big deal

But you must feel

‘Tis art or just a quirk.


Why say no

Because someone said it’s so

And the thought was not our own

It really could be we don’t agree.

But NO is to disown

So the yes and no’s could be I suppose

A form of social activity.


Where are we going, must one ask

‘Tis a great circle’ “tis a great task

Where are we going ‘tis a question.

What the fates decree is our destination

Where are we going as everyone must

In the bible bespoken from dust to dust.


Child to adult, caterpillar to butterfly

Flower from bud, a miracle or fantasy

The mind ponders this on the road to eternity.


I entered the world of gray

Do I belong? Who can say

And yet be I early or late

‘Twill soon enough be my state

But really ‘tis nothing to fear

Moving forward brings you near

Another hill, another dale

So why hesitate.


This is my bench

A gift from me to you

To sit and ponder maybe

Or think a thought or two

I may hope you’ll remember

That once I felt and agonized

That now it’s time to wonder 

Is my soul immortalized

The bench is for comfort

The least that I can do

So maybe look down upon me

And think a thought or two.


By Steve, the  Hospice Chaplain


    Though never nurtured in the lap of luxury

    Nor have been accused of being on intellectual chap

    Life can make man into a marathon runner

    Goals to achieve, but having time to rap.

    Man could also be compared to a well watered generous vine,


    This strength is gained from the embrace it gives

    Unnurtured dies.....well watered thrives. 



Your thoughts were beautiful your rhyme a song

To make fine music can never be wrong

Some are endowed and I wonder about that

To accumulate knowledge makes no one a smart cat

Where the heart is and thoughts are humble

That’s a person to admire he has nothing to sell.


Must there be a reason

For living as we do

Must there be a purpose

For a world old or new

Conformity to the rules

That guide from birth to death

Is a question to pursue

And that with every breath

When the time approaches

To make up our mind

We see clearly now

Before we were blind.


My little garden was a patch

Of barren sand and scratch

A scraggly bush or two

Was all to cover the view.

I gathered some plants

From here and there

I covered the patch

And they did persevere

The ants and bugs found a home

The lizards there did roam

Nature now resumed its role

And now my patch has a soul.


Why must we philosophize

About life in our time

Humans are the only ones

Who think in prose or rhyme

Nature gives instinct

To the lower forms of life

But humans suffer

For a future that is rife

With wishes, hopes and 

Plans that may not be 

Nature gives us not

Insect, animal clarity.


The game is the thing

The fans go wild

Hooting and hollering

Antics of a child

The game is the thing

No matter the winner

Enjoyed by all

Whether saint or sinner.


I wanted to be famous

That was my goal.

I was only five

I knew it all

I studied hard

I had no time for play

I made no friends

Alone was my way

So a star was born

In the heavens above

A lonely place for sure

If there is no love.


How smart must one be to stay alive

What tricks must be learned to survive

Instinct is a part of animal life

The brain sharpened as a keened knife

So man persists as all others go

Destroying himself makes the world grow.


Only he who has run the race

Knows those who have not, what to face

No one can believe what others have won

If only words tell how it was done.


Young love, young love

Eyes sparkling, no thoughts above

Hand in hand, eyes watching eyes

Submerged in each other

Just stars in the skies

For moments they twinkle

And shine like jewels

Young love, young love

It knows no rules.


I saw someone I didn’t like

He was a total stranger

Why should I feel that way

Akin to the dog in the manger.

Some emanate an ESP

Rasping the psyche of others 

Is this the sixth sense

That the other five smothers.


There is no up

There is no down

The man in the moon

He is a clown.

How high is up

Where is down

Infinite is space

On this the 

Brain does frown.


Why must thoughts Freudian be

We can fly like the bumble bee

Paradise is here you know

Heaven, hell is up or below

Chase the shadows, let the sun in

There is no evil, there is no sin.


I have a little red book 

Into which I put

My letters  “To the Editor”

I write about most anything

On politicos, ducks or what for

‘Tis my ego, to the editor

I’m a creditor!

231. How good is smart

What is an intellectual?

Everyone plays a part

Dumb or conceptual

Is one happier with knowledge

Is satisfaction finding answers

It may raise a mess of potage

As we become caste fanciers.


Don’t do this, Don’t do that

Orders to a dog

Or a child brat

Challenging all orders

Defying the norm

How to keep control

Before there is a storm

So goes the merry-go-round

‘Till the bird leaves the nest

Then a long sigh, a well deserved rest.


Plato, Socrates and others have told

Man’s right to think no matter how old

Those who rule must control the mind

Protests loud break the chains that bind

Might is right, a rule that may last

History denies such as we read the past.


Bingo is the name of the game

You call it and you have fame

Plus a bit of hard cash.

Some say bingo or binga

Or Radio and or Ah Ah!

And make a dash.

The game is simple we know

The kick is winning Ho Ho.

Plus socializing and a bash.


Hate is akin to love

It makes one feel

Like one above.

It looks at others with disdain

It looks down

With great pain

Hate pervades and 

Destroys human

Contact and joys.


What is time but a bit of space

It has no price, no pace

Each bit of  time, precious, yes

Its use or abuse is long or less.


You gotta conform, you gotta conform

Why? That’s the norm

Free ideas, free ideas

That’s for the birds or fleas

Don’t think, don’t think

You’ll be gone in a wink.


There are many things I’d like to do

There’s not enough time and that’s true

So I sit and look at the options I have

Which do I discard, which do I save. 


Checkers is a game for kids

Or old men in the park

Simple moves in red or black

The players have a lark

A game to learn, a game to spurn

From morning to dark.


If you can learn

    To abide one another

To overlook faults

    That one could bother

Then the weld that binds

    Is a forever thing

The sun doth shine

    The birds do sing.


The mind a morass, contains eternity

In these depths if one could see

Evolves man the unknown

Upon the winds of fate blown.


Feelings of every kind

Fill the body

Invade the mind

Joys, sadness

Wonderment and despair

Many feelings do ensnare

But who does really care

For some there must be one

Where, how, it will be done.


I had a little something

“They” took it away

It meant so much to me

What can I say

“They” wanted it badly

I wondered why

Because I had something

“They” would me deny

The time will come

I’ll hope and pray

“They” will disappear 

And I’ll have my day.


I was in a room

Many people were there

But I was all alone

I didn’t seem to care. 

Of a sudden I was not alone

I felt a presence in the air

It grew and enveloped me

All I could do was stare.


A book of stories, each a profound idea

Or truth

Each an illumination of life for sooth

Take the time to read and ponder

’Twill give pleasure, unfold a world 

Of wonder.


                A tree gets old

            As humans be

        Straight, stiff, unbendable

    Tho the winds blow and rains pour

A tree, a human is dependable.

    To change the character

        After many a year

            The tree, the human

                Becomes expendable.


You can be one of US

A deadly phrase

Fraught with dangers

The US may be the THEYS

The chosen few,

No strangers.


See  and be 

A curious term

A time to think

A time to learn.

See and be

Is literally so

If one can’t see,

What does one know.


Each one figures what is best

In different situations

Each one has ideas

May not be the norm, 

But has its compensations

As the expression goes

To each his own

No matter the frustrations.


A cute little salamander

Looked me in the eye

“Don’t be scared” said he

“I’m only after a fly.”

He wiggled his tail

And scampered up the screen

He pounced on a little bug

And chomped it serene

He is my friend now

In my garden of weeds

He salutes me each day

As he satisfies his needs.


The ID is a wondrous chest

Full of the worst, of the best

As a volcano that erupts

To the surface comes debris

Mysteries, who knows

When we delve into the ID

We find reasons

For things we did.


Folks are funny people

Some are grim, some are happy

Some are just so  so.

Why this difference?

As I ponder and wonder why

It’s something I should know

I finally have decided

That folks are people

That grow and grow and...


How far is far when one goes away

Neither time nor space

Can judge a stray.

Could be next door yet one is lost

When the mind leaves the body its host.


At simple games we socialize

Wasting time that’s about the size

Knowledge accumulated

Over many a year, buried in rubbish

What do we fear

There is no hiding where ever you go

So giving the “G’s” gift of what you know.


Now I know, I’ve joined the clan

I’m just as kookie as any old man

Words that meant nothing

Are sharp as a sword

And I see more red

Than sunset on a fjord

So I’ve joined the circle

And danced the tune

Then fade into the evening

Howling at the moon.


At 6 am my eyes did ope

I’m up again, where’s the soap

Wash the cobwebs from my eyes

Where’s the sun, will it rise

‘Tis an effort every day

This getting up, being gay.


Confession supposedly cleanses the soul

The mind must empty and again become whole

The things that happened may be forgot

But the mind retains the good and the rot.

The book is wrote and buried deep

Is it foolish those records to keep.


Mixed up thoughts like alphabet soup

Are stirred in a cauldron

Boiling and steaming

The mind is keening, there is no cohesion.


I guess you gotta live

I know you gotta die

In between sometimes you cry

Joy and grief are part of the scene

As the circle closes down

The things you gotta do to live and die

Make the circle round.


Express ones self as best one can

With pen or sword what suits man

Nature balances this world of ours.


To look into another mind

To see yourself as others find

A mirror that reflects

Whatever you are

A deep insight that years

Do not bar.

So one must know

That people you love

Are part of life’s rug

That you have wove.


How can one tell a crazy man

What to do what he can

A lunatic fringe is always there

Theirs no reason, do they care

Psychology maybe can seek the source

A deranged mind, has it remorse?


A friend is one who asks nothing

And gives you all

A friend is one who belongs to you

In body and soul

A friend is one  who is part of you 

In life in every role.


The grass is green the whole year thru

I revel in this as I tell it to you 

Balmy breezes,  blue skies

Palm trees is what I prize

No more snow or ice

That I once endured

For those up north

I have sympathy

This Paradise I live in

Is the place for me.


The sun has stopped, the clouds don’t move

Time stands still, what does that prove

The answer is simple as anyone knows

It’s you that controls, you that flows

Stopping the clock is an ultimate goal

How many succeed, how many fall.


People in pain seek succor

From stresses they abhor

Whatever the means

They grasp the straw

From a bloodied claw

Prayer and the will

To make this true

Is a victory

A rebirth, born anew.


I lost a thought, twas naught

Another I can find

I reach into memory for a story

There are many in my mind

For those I conceive

And some I believe

I’ll be ever so kind.


A little child a most precious thing

Devoid of evil of innocence a king

When in time the child matures

Rights and wrongs his character endures.


Don’t turn the clock back

Could be a dangerous sport

When shedding the pages of time

You lose an integral part

The loves you had, things you built

And before you know it 

You have an empty quilt

And backward some do go

And find a haven

With a new glow

But fate does not

Grant your wish

The mind is full

The body an empty dish.


To the mystery of life I set my mind

At the beginning, the end I try to find

An answer, a forever thing

I’ll pursue the thought

With my whole being.

The riddle I know will

Be solved one day

Who finds it

Only Messiah can say.


The ice may form on the river top

A solid bridge that holds one up

The river flows deep and still

The weather changes the bridge is nil.


Things can run smooth as silk

Like a sled on ice

Or cream in my milk.


A happy kid sings a song

A happy kid plays the day long

A happy kid loves everyone

A happy kid is tired when done.


The Ambulance Corps

The wah wahs ride day and night

The sound strikes terror

As well it might

As an angel of mercy

At the end of the line

How sad each visit

Or the visit that’s mine.


Did you ever stop to think

The day goes by like a wink

The years are just as fast

It’s what I call a dream

Clouds wafted by a moon beam

Like all else don’t last.


I don’t like the snow

Or Jack Frost on the window pane

Cold chills my bones

That was always my bane

I cherish the sun

Its warmth I adore

Then I think once

White was not a bore.


Hard fast rules

Makes man machine

A hard yes or no

And no in between

‘Tis not so

If human you be 

‘Tis age that changes

Then the eyes can see.


On a subway car

A face stood out fair

A chance meeting perhaps

The face was often there

And time did elapse

The face was gone where

I’ll never know.

Had I the courage 

To pursue my stare

I fancy fate might

Spark another glow.


The grass is green

But I’m up above

And not below

The grass is green

That’s for sure

‘Tis nice to know

This grass is green

How pretty it is

If it’s really so.


Could you find

If you’d be so kind

A pleasant thought or two

‘Tis morbid for sure

If life has no allure

To look for something new

So I stand before you

What else can I do,

To ponder a world false or true.


You came out of nowhere

From a world far away

You were invited

How long can you stay

‘Tis something from nothing

Do we really know

More important the thought

Be as you grow.


Since you want 

What I like best

Be it philosophy

Or a jest

My mind moves

As in times of old

The body more slowly

I have been told

So I take to pen

And relate some thoughts

Have they substance

Or completely aughts.


Smiles adorn faces all around

Are they expressions of joy

Or poses that some employ.


The salamander does not play

He seeks food the live long day

He decimates things that

Crawl or fly

His throat flashes a

Yellow red sun

A sign of love to 

Another  one

This little dragon

Friend of man

Eats bugs and bugs

All he can.


Too many houses

Where is home

Too many houses

A toothless comb

Too  many houses

Where is the place

Too many houses

To hold my face

Too many houses

 For lonely me

Too many houses

No home I see.


No one fails

No matter their task

Something gets done

Don’t even ask

Whatever one does

That’s the deal

You may not like it

Yours not to feel

People play games 

With everyone they know

People have names

For everyone they know

Games, names, and blames

Are our lives 

With everyone we know.


Sometimes I feel wide awake

Then my senses me forsake

Tides ebb and flow

The mind moves here there

Sometimes I don’t know

One thing I am certain

And always aware

I will sing my songs

Stop me if you dare.


Sadness is a tear or two

Shed for memories

Left to you

We all mourn a little bit

‘Till another candle is lit

Life is for the living now

And so we manage somehow.’


Have a field day

Freud and others say

The ID is there

Like a needle in the hay

So use your skills

And training to

Decipher the thoughts

Unravel the braining

That conceived 

These conceptions

Of mind and age

In its perceptions.


‘Tis nothing

‘Tis something

Whatever you wish

‘Tis wisdom

‘Tis stupidity

Or a composite dish.


As one gets older

The eyes do dim

The  mind perceives

That facts are whim

And may haps

A new light

Colors the scene

Could be beautiful

Or obscene.


Sadness is an awful thing

Like rain or fog 

It burdens a being

The heart is troubled

And spirits are low

Sadness a weight

We all know.


A lot of people

You get to know

For too short a time

Then they go. 

The pleasure tho short

Is soul satisfying

All that’s left is

A bit of crying.


The road has many 

Forks and turns

As a forest

With trees and ferns

The journey always new

As one learns

A story to be told

As one discerns

What life is all about

The walking shoes

Must be tough

The road may be

Rutted and rough

Like a forest

With its trees and stuff

A story to be told

When one has had enough

And life is in doubt.


Nursing Home

The wheels creep up and

Down the halls

The rooms echo weird and 

Lonely calls

What once was a proud and

Stately race

As the wheels roll around

Is now a faceless face.


The minotaur in his endless rounds

Lives in a labyrinth

Full of hollow sounds

Seeking the voices

And ghosts that abound

His realm, of bones in mounds.


My friend died

I had no more tears

I tried, I tried

Did he go before his time?

He was so much alive

He didn’t go of a sudden

His hell was here

If hell had all the 


Then hell was not to fear

The end was peace

A haven for the tortured

Tho a friend was lost.


One must be dedicated

    To do one’s thing

To reach a zenith

    Make the welkin ring

How much time, how much indeed

For life is short

    How much do we need

‘Tis ever a question

    Can we reach our goal

But try we must

    Be we eagle or mole.


And this too shall pass

A prayer of many a soul

Happiness or sadness

Covers the whole

Of one’s life

But this too shall pass.


When you ran away

I wondered, you didn’t say

Why or where you went

You left without a thought

I cried and was distraught

Now I know the reason why

You left the way you did.

Jack’s poems vol 2--- 300+


No sorrow for tomorrow

We are here today

Each day a thing of beauty

If we have our say

When we count our blessings

And say them very slow.


Sex is not just 

A handshake in the dark

Sex is not a joke

Or a lark

In nature’s inimitable way

It’s a tie, a bond

That’s here to stay

A matching of equal parts

Of body, of mind

A belonging of hearts.


Don’t blame anyone but yourself

When you get in trouble

 You know all the answers

Life is just a bubble

We have to make our own mistakes

You can’t tell us anything

We have what it takes

From time forever past

To time that is to come

Youth is a mess of ignorance

And then some.


Death is all around me

There is no place to go

One by one they disappear

Hello, goodbye, ‘Tis so

The while it takes

To ponder this

Gives thought to one more thing

You’re here, you’re now

You’re still alive

So  make the welkin ring.


‘Twas foggy and misty

I saw no sky

My mind was the same

I thought, why me, why?

The air has cleared

Well, almost so

Just a wee little cloud

But the winds do blow.


Who are my friends, how to know

Years may pass

When does friendship show

As you give, when do you get

‘Tis mostly never.


Each man plays a small part

In this tapestry of life

Its warp and woof

Make the sky the roof

And the stars therein shine.


The world of gays and singles

Have a different set of rules

Then the straights who predominate

Each think the other fools

Each has its handicaps

And the twain shall never meet

So take your choice

What you never had will not repeat.


‘Tis a bible that we create

Of long days, sleepless nights

Of things to do, things to be

Of wrongs, of rights

How our senses do perceive

What we believe no matter

The heights.


There’s many a joke 

In this old poke

He spouts the dictionary

With words he plays

In many ways

He’s most contrary

So figure it out

What he’s all about

Clever or ordinary.


I reminisce and that is true

Of  things and deeds of long ago.

I have no worries

Like aches or pains

The Here, the Now

Is where I am. 

I revel in it so.

The past, the future

Is gone or not attained

‘Tis where I be I’m all aglow.


If you analyze things you see

It’s your point of view

Is your mind free?No peas alike

Like fingerprints they be.

So a rocking chair or not

‘Tis Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee.


Come full circle

    If you can

‘Tis Earth from a 

    Heavenly scan.

The busy ants

    That follow rote

A grand purpose

    Each grain to tote

Comes rain or heat

    Never a pause

The circle closes

    No matter the cause


There is so much we have to say

And time is fleeting

We have feet of clay.

The essence is that within our span

We glory in thought

As far as we can.


An exchange of thoughts

Is a beautiful thing

If the words are clear

With truthfulness ring

Whether written or spoke

With listening ear

The heart keeps beating

And the eye has a tear.


The revelations did show

And cleared the air

And broke the chains

Of frustration and despair

So one is reborn

And claims his share

As the past is untangled

If one can look back 

To the formative years

He can find out

A forest of  fears

That wounded and caged him

With twisted bars

From which he never untangled.


A thought a day is not too much

It holds the brain in line

Thinking is our best asset

Like pickles soaked in brine

So think a thought each day

And let it soak a while

Then you soon will see

That thinking really is fine.


The Good Book like a chicken

Is pulled apart each morsel eaten

Where ever you start

The middle, the end

Have a different taste

Read the book

Eat the chicken

The end result, waste.


Seeds the mystery of life

Silent, eternal as eternity

What does cross the line

And create futurity

‘Tis a motion that

We may never know

Some say ignorance is bliss

Time has proven it so.


‘Tis a book like the bible

May be mature or only tribal

Thoughts worked out

Like molding clay

However you touch it

Is what you say

Write your thoughts

Whatever they be 

It’s your bible

You’ll split the sea.


Grandpa’s bible covered with dust

And some rust

And maybe a gem or two.

G.P.’s bible

Blow off the dust

Scrape off the rust

The gems will shine 

Out at you.


Some of these I did to please

And others just for fun

So when I write

The words may bite

For sooth, it’s just a pun

So give me sight

I’ll be all right

Oh boy, is that the sun?


I’ve been looking at obituaries

For many, many years

When I don’t see my name there

It allays all my fears

The day that I can see

Tomorrow’s news

I’ll need no obituaries

My eye to abuse.


By his writings ye shall know him

Of the things he was and did

No other sign is left for you

His body now is hid

The soul was there to see in poems

As if he never left

To surround and comfort you

When you think you are bereft. js/al


I’m astounded when I look at me

The mirror doesn’t lie

I’m seventy three

I think, no foolin

I’m still sixteen

That face in the mirror

It’s really mean

So what’s a face

That is so lined

It’s not me I know my mind.


The written word or picture

Is what once was or may be

The word or pix is  forever

That is plain to see

Write your thoughts

Paint your pictures

If you want futurity.


I heard something

The other day

It’s what I might

Want to say

Never old, no need to be

That’s the way 

I still am me

To myself a little white lie

Forever young

‘Till the day I die.



I do things

I want to do

I make mistakes

As do you

What others try

May be my concern

What is to you impossible task

I look and think

Myself I ask

Is there an answer?

My mind says yes.

I know I can I never guess.


Whether I know it or not

I think a lot

Of things that happened to me

Whatever I did

From adulthood to kid

Was ordained by a mystery

Then the future and the past

As the die is cast

Makes sense to me.


Each day to write 

Is my delight

To make a word a flower

I pluck a seed

Do I know indeed

How it will fill the bower

So it will grow

I worry so

That is in my power.


Don’t question why

A girl likes a guy

A parent a child

Reasons could be wild

A dog or a cat

Affinity could be that

Bonds exist

In Nature’s twist

Of all things on earth

Accept this fact

That roots are in tact

And twigs make for mirth.


“Would you like to go to Heaven/”

The child said, “Not today.”

“Why not?” asked the Pastor.

Said she, “I’ve things to do and say.”

“Couldn’t that wait, why delay.”

Said the child, “Oh, please let me stay

I’ll eat my breakfast, I’ll even pray.”

Came the morning Sun on meadows green

The child enjoyed the new mown hay

And Heaven above was still unseen. 


I came upon a secret

That I wish to tell the world

It’s really a simple one

Found in a scroll unfurled

I make time stand still

Simple and yet unheard

Simple, innocent

‘Tis the written word

The scroll of mind needs

Only the will.

The Sphinx told me--I sphinx so.


Strength is a matter of perception

Brute force versus mentality

Is always competition

How to judge what should succeed

Is Nature’s final question.


Life is like the grains of sand

That form a beach or any strand

No pattern ‘till a wave rolls up

And seemingly the sands disrupt

The winds and Sun play their part

And lo everything again must start.


People are people

Where ever you go

I can sit in my chair

And go anywhere

Because I say it’s so.


I looked at the clock

It said, “Tic, Toc,Tic,Toc.”

I looked at the sky

It was blue, I don’t know why.

I looked at a cloud all white

No form, no shape, but all right

I looked at a sea of foamy green

A wavy meadow I’ve never seen

 I looked at a Sun in golden glow

Slowly going where I don’t know

I looked at the clock

I heard no more the tic, toc, tic, toc.


Just turn a page, any page

And listen to a sage

Who spanned the years

With varied thoughts

The accumulation is a summation

Of pluses, minuses and oughts

Like Mercury’s Harp.

They sing a song

Of notes high and long

Of whatever was and what to be

Was, is...your history.

When we philosophize

We usually realize

How limited is our scope

From here to there

Going anywhere. 

With problems we must cope

To make a choice

There’s always a voice

Pleading patience, have hope.


To Eric

Have you ever thought

What you might be

A talking lawyer

Or maybe a tree

A blacksmith too

Shoeing a horse

A clown, the wiz of Oz.. of course

A builder of even a Pyramid

That would dig deep into your ID

a Doctor..Nah that’s a wild wish

A ballet dancer is more your dish

So pick and choose or choose and pick

Have you got problems, Oi I’m sick! 


Over the Hill

The grass is greener

On the other side of the Hill

The climb is steep

And time doesn’t stand still

So up you are 

And now the descent

So don’t step on any pebble

Because Time is Holy 

And Heaven sent

The hill is 50 up one side

The other has more to hide

But oh boy what a drop!

So get all set and start going

The bell has rung Boeing! Boeing!


I Sphinx so

The Sphinx speaks

But who really hears

Thunder and Lightning

Create storms of fears

The calms that follow

Are Nature’s way

To allow the Sphinx to have his say.


Don’t look for worms 

Under each rock you see

Or visualize the shadows

That move in the breeze

The figments in the mind

Are a pattern grotesque

When put in perspective

Are just humoresque

Just relax and think

In an orderly fashion

For life is just that

A beginning and conclusion.


There is a picture on the wall

Unknowingly the future it foretold

Two doves, so serene much in love 

Amid flowers of summer and fruits of Jove

In the background a Cat its eyes very keen

Whatever the thoughts I dare not dream

The picture is still on the same old wall

The characters, the same, have just grown old. 


Any one can philosophize

It is a human trait

It separates us from animals 

It does our whole life sate. 

To have  thoughts like clouds

That float thru skies of blue

Changing forms and colors

As winds and sun can do

This contemplation of nature’s

Work is really faith indeed

The human has but to think

In essence plant the seed.


What is useful

And what is not

That is a question

I think about a lot

Who’s to tell me

What to do

And yet all my life

That’s been true

Now when do I 

Stand up alone?

I’ll never stop trying

Be I cog or clone.


For days I watch

A candle flicker

Its dim light

Made shadows play.

The tiny yellow gleam

Looked sicker

As time wasted away.

And soon the dark

Stalk was thicker

As the feeble yellow

Lost its ray.


What is the purpose of teaching

Over which I do ponder

To stimulate a mind that’s reaching 

To unravel a new wonder

The problem a case of perception

From whom to whom  at whose election.


If you have trouble and look for sympathy

Why, that’s easy, open the dictionary

Troubles are infectious they spread like the plague

If you look for one to blame 

Everyone is vague. 

So grab yourself by the pants and let those who have no reason Jiggle up and down like jerks

It happens every season.


My feet wobble as I walk

My voice trembles as I talk

My eyes dim as I squint

My desires fade as I hint

My growing old as I do

My resting place as I go.


The Cat is dead

He’s gone away

To where, a mystery

I cannot say

Should I be glad

Somehow I’m sad

Can one be that way

The past, its shadows

Are dim and gray

Life is step after step


The mind is a Pandora Box

Of  things you are and could be

Just dare you to try the lock

Only you have the key.

The curious, the brave lift the lid

And unholy shadows like Halloween ghosts

Melt in the sun, could scare a kid.


Poetry is but prose

In lilt or rhyme or verse

And soon you’ll hear

The wind, the leaves, the birds

Their magic in your ear.


The easy way, the coward’s way

To leave this vale of tears

Is done by those who only chose

Their ego above their fears

To live this life with all its strife

One must a hero be

For who can tell

Where is hell

Here or infinity.


If something should happen to me

I’ll let you know personally

Tho miles away you’ll be

The psyche a mystery

Has played a part in history

In story or poetry

If you don’t see me

Just think, It’s as simple as ABC.


The analytical mind

Probes for a reason

Pointing questions to the quick

Always a query

And never an answer

Or take your pick

Till the mind whirls

In eddying circles

And that’s a neat trick

But why the questions

If there is no belief

Analysis could make you sick

So cold, so unfeeling

The probe pierces

And soon the nerves click

Then reason departs

To a nether zone

The Body a bereft wick.


To spread a wealth

While you can see

Delights the soul

Denies penury

Giving a most human trait

Binds people in a state

Of friendship, even love

A better world for him above.


What is right

What is wrong

Depends on which

Side you belong.

‘Twas a time

To make a decision

To take a path

That had a division

To the left

Had many a point

To the right

Could be out of joint

The mind ponders

Then decides

Do doubts linger

If judgment collides

With what was wrong 

Or what was right.


The shadows are devious and deep

From dawn to dusk

Across my wall they creep

The light of day does not dispel

Those awful images

Spawned from hell

The mind created a world unseen

Of beauty or unclean.


When somebody tells somebody

The truth it may not be

The work of mouth might be uncouth

And cause some misery

So ‘Ware the teller of tales retold

Are they truth or fantasy?


Pain has no memory

As ugly as it might be

It sears the soul with terror and fear

The world crumbles unspeakably

And yet a little hope

To which one must grope

For life with its faults

Can with pain always cope.


To learn, to learn

A never ending chore

To fill a storehouse

With knowledge more and more.

As far as one can see

As long as one can hear

The mind will seek it all

The bitter and the dear

From a speck of dust

A universe evolves

Where it all ends

The quest one never solves.


I conjure people 

Out of the air

They come in all sizes

Some strange I declare

From the shadows 

And the winds

My pen forms their soul

And from my mind

I produce them whole.


77 was a tumultuous year

Of aches and pains and some fear

Was time fleeting, fading away

How to slow the pace of day

The mind to hold the limbs still

Was a supreme effort until

I took a step back to the rear

And the body found mind near

The body and mind became whole

The pace of Time slowed its role.


A bunch of keys lying on the floor

They do or did open up a door

Or maybe a chest or an old tin box

Mystery or not I’m sure

They could open some locks

If one has the patience

This task to pursue

A story could be told false or true.


Art is long

Life is short

Art is eternal

Life does abort.


When you try to analyze

All the things I say

The books that interpret

Will lead you astray

The rules laid down

To figure out the mind

Are very inadequate

And often not kind

A fantasy, a problem,

May be a logical projection

Of thoughts that just float

And have no real direction.

    (inserted in chap.4 of Story of a Father)


We come into this world

With a mind and soul

Pure as driven snow

Unlike insects or animals

That have instinct

And have no need to know.

There is no right

There is no wrong

Emotions are almost nil

This purest of pure 

Is marked too soon

By others who have the will

Soon a pattern does evolve

That forms a picture clear

The right, the wrong are bedded deep

And Life has accomplished its fear.


One insensitive to others’ woes

Are of callous mind indeed

They see not beyond their nose

Their morals have no creed

Pity those who be so blind

There are others of the other kind.


The goal of everyone seems to be

To get a pocket full of money.

This strange urge

A universal scourge

Affects humanity

This is an ill

For it no pill

A remedy to be sought

The cleverest of minds

And all other kind

This problem they have fought.


Flowers like people come and go

Their beauty and essence bloom and grow

And life is enriched with an uneven glow.

But shadows like petals

Must droop and fall

Leaving memories forever

That may console.


Shangrila, that mystic place

Sought by  many in outer space

Where the spirit and body

In harmony embrace

The mind can conceive

And create this haven

If one be so bold

And shun the craven

As the light within does mold.


I look at each passing year

The joy of waking, my eyes are clear

An appetite to eat, my belly to fill

To drink cool water, it’s almost a thrill

The smile on my face is really a grin

And the year that passed a forgotten sin.


Grief is release from emotions deep

The floodgates open and we must weep

The tears of salt cleanse the soul

And life goes on, it must be whole.


You can philosophize 

From today ‘till tomorrow

On what things

Should or shouldn’t be

The mind has many facets

That see light refractorily

The stronger the focus

On the subject at hand

The broader the scope

To make all understand

Philosophy is infinite

In a finite land.


Must you have rules

So the flowers stay

In a orderly bed

Or does confusion

Upset and create

A station of dread

An orderly confusion

I’d like, instead.


No matter how conceived

The individual is unique

A composite of generations

That meld into one.

There are no rules

No styles, no critique.

When developed and fulfilled

Like a cake well done

What evolves from long ago

Becomes a splendid gift

And presents the world

With wonderment and new uplift.


If you take me serious

You gotta be delirious

Because I juggle words 

I place them in a row

One by one or so so

Or in a bowl of curds

If you try to follow

The logic that is hollow

You’ll be flying with the birds.


Mother was in ecstasy

On your verses

All about me

If I must cut a swath

Ma will say

It’s time for your bath!

So the next time I take a trip

Order me my

Bow and arrows sharp

And Boots and Halo and a harp.


To know how one feels

Is to walk in his shoes

You’ll find the trip revealing

A world of other views

Emotions are the colors

That paint the scenes you’ll see

And living is delightful

As a child with his ABC’s.


When people don’t agree

On everything they see

I can only think of misfits

How can they follow suit

The differences are acute

There are many misfits

Trying as I do

To seek a measure true

Alas, I find my ego’s the misfit.


Writing is a record

Of things that were

Of things that ought to be 

The world we know

Starts to grow

When we the records see

So know ye all

When the scribe does call

Just simply tell your story.


The spider in his web

Waits for the wary fly

The lion skulks in the brush

Waiting for the weak or less spry

The ‘Gator, a log with two eyes

Silently chooses who dies

Nature has prepared

A balance it did fashion

Omitting one truth

That human beings have compassion.


A friend there was of long ago

Of many fond memories as memories grow

‘Twas distance and time

That came between

But friends no matter

The change of scene

Have a bond secure

Never gone, never lost, ever secure.


Looking into a crystal ball

You see nothing at all

The cloudy figures

In disorder float around

The many fantasies

They can create

Are fury without a sound

The mind, the crystal ball

Have this in common

They both need a fall.


Knowledge, learning

A lifetime endeavor

To move the world

Is a mighty  lever

Tho many succeed

And many may fail

The glory of trying

Is the best part of the tale.


I am busy as a bee

With thoughts all about me

Everybody is busy, I don’t intrude

To do so would be  rude

So I happily adjust my sights

To sunny days and star lit nights

And if they want to think of me

I’ll always say hello, I’m not greedy.


Dumb is dumb

Stupid is stupid

Is there a difference between the two

One can be both

If the sum of one and one is two

But dumb alone is not enough

For that’s a lack of know how

But stupid that’s a point

Where sense is put in escrow

So dumb is not stupid

But stupid is dumb.


To My Valentine

One day a year is not enough

To remember someone you love

Symbols and words are drops of water

 On a hot stove

So the day, the year, even eternity

Are the real meaning

With actions of love.


The days are blank pages 

That must be filled in

With happenings whatever

Of innocence or sin

Routine and habit

Is the menu for most

But lucky the one

Who has butter on his toast.


I am the turtle

I move a measured pace

I carry my house with me

And often hide my face

I have no hurry where to go

My mind is fast tho I am slow

Tho I may travel far and wide

As soup I’m delicious

There’s nowhere to hide.


It’s simple to be happy

Now I must find a reason why

Well, there’s no mountain to climb

Or stars to pluck from the sky

No lightning bolts to chase me

Or hurricanes to toss me high

No earthquakes under my feet

Or volcanoes spitting lava

So with nothing on my simple mind

I enjoy my cup of java.


A feather falls to the ground

It hardly makes a sound

All the things big and small

Must at some time fall

Many with sound and fury

Others are lost in silence.  js/al


Don’t expect perfection

From those you wish to know

Flaws are ever present

Uncovered as you grow

No one as we will find

Has been appointed

To judge or condemn

A being who has disappointed.


A little huggy Bear

To watch over you

To keep your freedom

Fresh and new

Love yourself as we do you

And you’ll never want

For friendship true.


Emotions becloud

Mind and reason

But common sense

Is always in season

So be cool 

And survey the scene

And take your losses

Then start clean

Freedom if it be 

So highly prized

Is worth the cost

Of emotions surprised.


From me to you

I send a wish

To buy a bowl of chicken soup

Or a pizza dish

Thanx for this visit

Love   Grandma Rose


How long is too long

When the sun sets in the west

When the day is over 

And one needs to rest

When the river stops flowing

And fish have no nest

When the earth cracks open

And life has lost its zest.


Make them laugh

With you not at you

That’s a goal to achieve

One must have courage

A belief in self

This wisdom to perceive

Gather your thoughts

Clear the webs think hard, believe.


Hiding your light 

Under a bushel

Is a saying trite but true

Whether dim or bright

You can’t see the light

If hidden from view

The many lights that do not shine

Are sad for me and you

The brightness that could have been

Is lost in misty dew.


Nature is a cruel estate

It gives and takes away

The hopes of eternity

Promised then gone astray

Nature prevails it seems

If one cannot dream

So reaching into fantasy

Can upset Nature’s scheme.


Seize a thought 

Before it fades

It may be a pearl of wisdom

The many gems

That float around

Are bubbles in a fizz gun

So net them fast

Before they burst

You’ll emulate King Solomon.


I saw victory

I saw grief

I watched both

It’s my belief

That all emotions

Make a story

Of life’s travails

In defeat or glory.


How deep is knowledge

How high our aspirations

Setting the goal may be

A start of our justification

The wheels then started

Rolling with motivation

No matter the rocks and rills

Run is only participation.


In the distance 

I saw a light

‘Twas very small

Wasn’t so bright

I came a little closer

I wanted to see

Why this light 

Attracted me

The closer I came

The brighter the light

And all around

Was serene and right

As one perceives

How far to be

Before the light

Shows what we see.


Books may be confessions

Fantasies or lies

Books my be cumulus

Or pie in the skies

Before the great journey

One must realize

His worth is zero

Unless he(she)

Can regurgitize.