David Levinson's Networks, Economics and Urban Systems Research Group

Affiliated Researchers (alphabetical)

Robert Bertini
Robert Bertini, Professor, Portland State University
Jason Cao
Jason Cao, Assistant Professor, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs
Carlos Carrion
Carlos Carrion, Post-doctoral researcher Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology project
Guangqing Chi
Guangqing Chi, Assistant Professor of Sociology Research Fellow/Scientist, SSRC, Mississippi State University
Ahmed El-Geneidy
Ahmed El-Geneidy, Associate Professor, McGill University
Yingling Fan
Yingling Fan, Assistant Professor, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs
Nikolas Geroliminis
Nikolas Geroliminis, Assistant Professor, Urban Transport Systems Laboratory, Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne
Daniel Graham
Daniel Graham, Reader, Imperial College London
Kathleen Harder
Kathleen Harder, Senior Research Associate, College of Design
Hartwig Henry Hochmair
Hartwig Henry Hochmair, Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Arthur Huang
Arthur Huang, Visiting Assistant Professor, Valparaiso, Dept. of Civil Engineering
Erik Jenelius
Erik Jenelius, research scientist at the Division of Traffic and Logistics, Department of Transport Science, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Kevin Krizek
Kevin Krizek, Professor, University of Colorado, Director, Active Communities/Transportation Research Group
Henry Liu
Henry Liu, Assoicate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Julian Marshall
Julian Marshall, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
Pavithra Parthasarathi
Pavithra Parthasarathi, Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization and Old Dominion University
Nebiyou Tilahun
Nebiyou Tilahun, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Rania Wasfi
Rania Wasfi, Researcher McGill University
Feng Xie
Feng Xie, Transportation Planner, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
Lei Zhang
Lei Zhang, Assistant Professor, University of Maryland
Jerry Zhao
Jerry Zhao, Assistant Professor, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs
SJ Zhu
Shanjiang Zhu Assistant Professor, George Mason University.